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I’m Natalie, owner of Natalie Dams Beauty and now owner of Natalie Dams Beauty Academy. 

I’ve been performing express facial treatments since 2011, and have worked through many trends and experiences during this time. From an early stage in my career I set myself high standards, completing my NVQ beauty qualifications from Level 2- Level 5 and gaining a foundation degree in Beauty and Spa Management. 

The salon is my haven, my place to come and perform, to give myself some sanctuary in my busy life, I truly believe that’s how our careers should feel for us all. The salon has a very relaxed feel, we welcome everyone, to come and feel relaxed and enjoy the calm atmosphere. 

I have a huge passion for the treatments we offer, encompassing HDBrows, tinting techniques, hair removal techniques but also our bespoke salon treatments such as The NDB Ultimate Brow, The NDB Fluffy Brow, The NDB Lash Lift, The NDB Henna Brow and The NDB Hybrid Brow - these treatments bring together all the expertise and knowledge I have gained over the years; to create the perfect bespoke treatment for each client whatever their requirement.

Over the years, I have endured some slap dash courses that left me feeling flat and anxious. There have been very few courses that left me feeling confident.

These past experiences have been my turning point, for wanting to train people using all the experience that I have gained over the years. I feel there are very few academy’s out there that offer individual plans, that cater to each student or salon. 
I want to offer something for everyone. I’m flexible and can work with any students requirement’s, whether it’s needing more than one day to train or it’s the student knowing I’m at the end of a phone seven days a week for further support on anything they might need; with the option to sign up to an online portal full of help and support too.

NDB ACADEMY is the training that leaves you confident with all the skills you need to start your career, or enhancing your already growing salons.

I am currently finalising the training academy, if this sounds like the academy you want to grow with, then please join our mailing list or email us for more information.

I am looking forward to working with you.


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